LAG in the Local-Player-Modus

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LAG in the Local-Player-Modus
Yesterday I was visiting Coco. We wanted to make a nice little game of RR2 OMP. We managed just 3 races. Then the server was dead.
Then we decided to "Local" to race against each other.
Since we have found very strange.
Location:     Nürnberg/Germany
Hardware:   iPad Air both drivers
Network:     DSL 50 Mbit
Have a look at the second round on the video.
iPAD top:       Coco
iPAD below:   Dirk
On my screen it looks. I have not touched Coco. At Coco on the screen I crashed it.
Over many more races found. Always the tracker car closer to the leading car.
I have not always believed in LAG. As long as I played RR2. But since yesterday, I see it differently. Who knows how many races have been decided by LAG. Surely there were also characterized many litigations. It was only now that OMP is dead, I will be much more conscious.
Too bad! You could have done much better in the future.
Of course, not all LAG. I know that also. But certainly the wrong man has been accused many times. For my part I now say to most of the racers here: 
Sorry for a lot of accidents!!!!


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