2020 Formula E New York City E-Prix-RD2-8.6

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2020 Formula E New York City E-Prix-RD2-8.6

Firstly: CLOUDSAVE & VERIFY before committing.

Required PR to complete event is 62.8 up from 62.0 in previous Belin E-prix-8.5.

5 stages with the usual 3 hr window of instant upgrades and service.  Update: Strangely stages open one per day.

The sequence is Shakedown (Stage 1), Practice (Stage 2), Qualification (Stage 3) and Race (Stages 4 & 5).

Different cars give different PR increases at various stages and also depends on your focus. Save gold or M$. Below are some figures:

A rationalized tuning PR increase chart: This is not what you will see when you tune but a group of tunes should add up to total PR increase predicted by chart below. I have found this much more accurate than other tuning PR increase charts floating on the interweb.

Here is what the TP element adds to car PR (this is permanent and costs GC). The PR increase per characteristic is 0.5, split into increases of 0.2,0.2 & 0.1. This can be in any order.

And the driver level chart: (combination of mostly 0.3 steps with a 0.2 thrown in depending on monkeymatics).

My main focus is to save M$ given the current ongoing F1 upgrade discount. I have the Jag i4 & my driver level is at 8. Been testing a few configurations to overcome monkeymatics.

Here is tentative tuning strategy tested as working for my car: 6062 for driver level 8.  This gives 14 tunes enabling TP to be upgraded to 12 giving a permanent boost of 1.9 PR. My plan to earn the rest of TP XP to TP13 when other methods are introduced to earn TPXP in future updates.

This costs gross M$ 1082400 & 298 GC.

Event rewards is M$ 145,000 & 75 GC.

So nett. cost should be M$ 937,400 & 213 GC

Share your thoughts and strategies.

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