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Make updates interesting & useful

Dear Monkeys,

When you can tear yourself away from thinking of torturous ways to make the game interesting, and failing miserably, also consider the following:

There are already several F1 tracks in the game which cannot be used by 2019 F1 cars. Catalunya, Spa, RedBull Ring, Indy Road Course to name a few. Make them available. These cars are fun to drive and most players will be happier to have a wider variety of tracks to race on.

Enable Vulkan api in the game. NFS coded by your own studio is Vulkan enabled. The gazillion android players will thank you for it.

Stop messing around with currencies and devising convoluted ways to upgrade a car.

Stop with these innumerable LTS. They are boooooooring. Give new players a chance to win new cars by spending according to their skill levels with rec PR special events that are interesting. Race day crap is not. Just offer up the new car for a discount instead of Race day charade.

Long time player and getting fed up of this crap you guys come up with.

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