V8.6 Special Event - Brabham Royale

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V8.6 Special Event - Brabham Royale
Take control of the incredible Brabham BT62 and tackle the international Driver Royale! 
First chance to start: on installing V8.6, 13/14 July 2020 
Last chance to start: Thursday, 30 July 2020 
Rewards: Brabham BT62, 85 Gold, R$ 175,000 

- good 'old-fashioned' SE, one Stage per day, recommended PRs only
- 3-hour Instant Servicing and Upgrading begins as soon as you start
- there is Drafting

I'll type up Stages 1 and 2 shortly, but only in terms of content not in terms of how few upgrades you can do it with - I leave that to others!!


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