V8.4 New Series: Motorsport GT3 - 2020 Season

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V8.4 New Series: Motorsport GT3 - 2020 Season

The usual extra info on this series for the new GT3 cars...

There are 42 events (36 Trophy + 6 TT) with only one of the cars necessary to complete the series.   The rewards 25-50-75-100% are split M$8k-14k-19k-29k.
To complete requires PR 82.7, but you can reach 25% at ~70.8, 50% with 74.9, and 75% with ~78.6:

Incidentally the final two Cup events are a 10-lap Daytona Road paying M$100k+, and a 12-lap Spa paying M$155k+

Upgrade tree is here

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