Network issues in iOS 12.4 (solved)

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Network issues in iOS 12.4 (solved)

Update 2: problem back in place

Update 1: Apple Music solved. "Reset your network settings".

Now waiting on triple fame day to try out real racing :o)

Original post:

It first started with RR3 closing randomly, usually when I wasn’t even playing. Updated iOS to 12.4 but didn’t have a chance to play much... But now even Music will stop playing without notice. By the usage of this widget called, well, Usage Widget, I saw 400mb of inactive memory, with only 2-3% of free RAM.

Then I tried this trick of holding the power button down, then releasing it and holding Home until home itself appears before my eyes (vídeo down below).
It did clean most of the inactive:

...which promptly returned to the previous state (2%free and music stream still freezing). Oh, this widget might not be all accurate, but feels reliable all around.

iPad Air 1 here. I know it’s old but... I feel someone in here have a tip to troubleshoot this issue with the Music app. My WiFi is fine and RR3 seems to run smooth now. 

Thanks in advance!

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