V7.5 New Series: Elite - Track Power Trio

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V7.5 New Series: Elite - Track Power Trio

Better late than never I guess  blush the usual extra info on this series, for the Ferrari F8 Tributo, plus Lamborghini Huracán and Jaguar SV Project 8...

There are 51 events (48 Trophy + 3 TT) with each car having a specific two-event showcase + TT.   The rewards 25-50-75-100% are split 8-13-17-27GC, with only the Ferrari able to be upgraded enough to complete the series.

You can reach 75% with the Huracán alone, fully upgraded...

...and the same also applies with just the Jag upgraded to that PR.

The costs of upgrading the Ferrari enough and indeed those of winning it in the Track Day are as below, as usual courtesy of Paulo over on Facebook RR3 Trackside:

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