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Something interesting happened

Not sure if this will happen to anyone else, but I thought I'd mention it.  Since I got one last year, I have been playing on an iPad.  But I still do a backup to my old iPhone 6SPlus from time to time, in case the iPad falls into a woodchipper or something.

Anyway, I fired up the phone this morning and got the usual welcome back. Cleared through that and turned it off and got the iPad. I did a backup on the iPad. Then I went back to the phone to do the download. But I realized I never updated. So, I let the update run.  When I went back in, I got whatever daily was queued up. Then I went in to download the backup.  Once it did, I let the game load.  To my surprise it pulled up the Time Trials winnings prompt.  I chose to see it and got 50 coins.  I didn't change the date or time or anything. I had already collected this on the iPad a while ago now.  I did a backup and then went back to the iPad and did the download.  I'm 50 coins richer.

I wasn't trying to do anything tricky, just a backup. But I won't complain about 50 extra coins either. Especially since a month or so ago I got cheated out of my TT 50 by some phantom second that got adjusted right before payoff time. :-|

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