Assoluto Racing V.1.25.3

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Assoluto Racing V.1.25.3

Assoluto Racing new update, I think there is like 9 new cars including a Lotus Exos T125smiley:

  • 1.25.3

    12 Jul 2018

    - Exotic Imports (Many New Cars added)
    - Front and rear downforce

    - BMW M3 E30 - M3 E46 (new models)
    - Ford Focus RS, Mustang Boss, GT40, Nissan Silvia AR Edition, 370z, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (general improvements, dash camera, driver position fixes, model tweaks)
    - Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS active aero fix
    - RUF RT12R, Ford GT40, Nissan 370z, TVR Sagaris, Toyota MR2, and Mitsubishi EVO IX (wheelbase, front and rear track fixes, wheel arches clipping fix)
    - RUF RT12R Color it’s now glossy and not matte
    - New sounds for Ford GT40

    - Fixed driver legs clipping outside the car
    - Improved camera shake
    - New brake caliper model
    - Austin Yellow color improvements

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