My download is stuck!

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My download is stuck!

"If your download of the additional content is stuck at 0.0 kb/s:

  • Turn off “auto-lock” options in device settings"

They posted:

If your update or download for one of our games appears to be stuck, have a look below for some tips to get that download kicked back into gear.

iOS Devices

Try going to your device Settings > iTunes & App Store and sign out of your Apple ID, then reboot your device and go back to these settings to sign back in. This should force the updates on your device to reset.

If your download of the additional content is stuck at 0.0 kb/s please try the following steps to complete the download:

  • Update to latest OS version
  • Turn wifi off/on
  • Force close and re-open the game
  • Turn off “auto-lock” options in device settings
  • Do not use any other apps throughout the download process
  • Ensure the game stays on during the download process

Android Devices

Navigate to the Application Manager on your device and ensure that all of your apps are showing in the filter settings. Go to the Play Store app and clear the cache then try downloading the update again using a stable WiFi connection. You may need to clear data from your Downloads Manager as well, depending on which model device you're using.

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