October Forzathon events

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October Forzathon events

Here are all the Forzathons and achievements that is planned for October. I've included the last one in September since it runs into October:

  1. Take the Lead (Sept 29 – Oct 4)
    • Forza Series: Complete a Championship in a Porsche to win 3 Wheelspins and 55,000 CR.
    • Hurrying Up: Perform 30 Speed Skills to receive 80,000 CR.
    • That's Gotta Sting: Win a Race in an Abarth to earn 95,000 XP.
    • Leaps and Bounds: Get 3 Stars on the Airport Danger Sign to win the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 and 35,000 XP.
  2. Speed is Key (Oct 6–11)
    • Flare-lit Drive: Complete a Street Race in a Hypercar to earn 55,000 XP.
    • Go Faster: Perform 20 Speed Skills to win 3 Wheelspins.
    • Hyper Fast: Win a Race in a Hypercar to win 80,000 CR.
    • Release the Beast: Get 3 Stars on a Speed Trap in a Hypercar to win the Jaguar F-Type Horizon Edition.
  3. Chase Down Victory (Oct 13–18)
    • Old School: Complete 3 Races in a Retro Muscle car to win 3 Wheelspins and 35,000 XP.
    • Armchair Enthusiast: Complete a Championship to receive 120,000 CR.
    • Blindspot: Perform 5 Pass Skills to earn 35,000 XP.
    • Ten Eighty in Progress: Win a Street Race in the Crown Victoria to receive the Porsche #45 Flying Lizard GT3 RSR.
  4. Vision Becomes Reality (Oct 20–25)
    • Speed Test: Complete 5 Head-to-Head Races to win 3 Wheelspins and 35,000 XP.
    • Showing Your Best: Perform 5 Show Off Skills in a Porsche to earn 85,000 XP.
    • Rear Engine Domination: Get 3 Stars on a Speed Trap in a Porsche to receive 120,000 CR.
    • Unleashed Potential: Create a Bucket List in a Porsche to win the Porsche 959.
  5. We're Counting on You (Oct 27–30)
    • Waiting for Delivery: Win a Championship in a Cult Classic to receive 85,000 CR.
    • Another Round: Complete 3 Playground Games to win 3 Wheelspins.
    • Working Hard: Perform 20 Drift Skills in a Mercedes-Benz to earn 35,000 XP.
    • Don't Let Us Down: Get 3 Stars on the Mountain Top Danger Sign in a Mercedes-Benz to win the Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3.
  6. Horizon Halloween (Oct 31, 1 day only!)
    • Survival: Survive a Public game of Infected to win 3 Wheelspins and the Dodge Dart Horizon Edition.
    • Infernal Skills: Perform 5 Daredevil Skills to receive 120,000 CR.
    • Show Me: Complete a Street Race in the 1958 Plymouth Fury to earn 65,000 XP.
    • Venomous: Complete a game of Infected in a SRT Viper GTS to receive 225,000 CR and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Edit September 7: Added all achievements for October.

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