September Forzathon events

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September Forzathon events

The Forzathon's continue into September (and October, we'll have a thread for those too). The first Forzathon runs this weekend, which means it has already started! Win a Street Race in a Camaro to win the '69 Camaro Horizon Edition.

Here's the list of events, dates, and achievements for all the September Forzathons:

  1. Bonus Stage (Sept 1–4)
    • Freeplay: Complete a Race to receive 35,000 CR.
    • Enter Player Two: Complete a Co-Op race in a Rods and Customs car to receive 55,000 CR and 55,000 XP.
    • Speed Run: Perform 20 Speed Skills in a Classic Rally Car to receive 120,000 CR.
    • Everyday I'm Muscling: Win a Street Race in any "Chevy Camaro" win the '69 Camaro Super Sport Horizon Edition.
  2. Heel-Toe Shifting (Sept 8–15)
    • Looking for Drivers: Get 3 Stars on a Drift Zone to earn 95,000 XP.
    • Top Drifter: Perform 20 Drift Skills in a Nissan to win 3 Wheelspins.
    • Export Exhibition: Complete a Race in a Japanese car to receive 20,000 CR and 20,000 XP.
    • Coming Through: Win a Championship in a Nissan to win the Nissan S15 Horizon Edition.
  3. Beach Festival (Sept 15–18)
    • Arts & Crafts: Complete a Bucket List Challenge that ends in Byron Bay to earn 55,000 XP.
    • What a View: Get 3 Stars on the Byron's Leap Danger Sign to win 3 Wheelspins.
    • Hippity Hoppity: Perform 10 Kangaroo Skills to receive 55,000 CR.
    • Together: Complete 3 Co-Op Races to win the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0.
  4. Happy Anniversary (Sept 22–27)
    • Noct Out: Complete a Head-to-Head Race in the Quartz Regalia to win 3 Wheelspins.
    • Going Strong: Get 3 Stars on 3 Speed Traps in the Lamborghini Centenario to receive 120,000 CR and 80,000 XP.
    • Thoroughbred: Perform 20 Threading the Needle Skills in a Ferrari to receive 200,000 CR.
    • Join the Party: Finish 3 Playground Games in a Mini to win the John Cooper Works GP Horizon Edition.
  5. Take the Lead (Sept 29 – Oct 4)
    • Forza Series: Complete a Championship in a Porsche to win 3 Wheelspins and 55,000 CR.
    • Hurrying Up: Perform 30 Speed Skills to receive 80,000 CR.
    • That's Gotta Sting: Win a Race in an Abarth to earn 95,000 Xp.
    • Leaps and Bounds: Get 3 Stars on the Airport Danger Sign to win the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 and 35,000 XP.

Update September 7: Added all achievements for the month of September.

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