Partial download of assets (please fix it)

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Partial download of assets (please fix it)

If you remember back in update 4.3, they announced a much expected feature (for me, at least) related to the reduced size of the app. It was stated so in the release notes (check EB's post or their official notes for v.4.3): second item, reduced application size or so. The main idea is download a reduced amount of data once you do a fresh install, and only download the remaining pieces of the game as you'd need them. The button "Download All Assets" allows one to download, well, you know. 

So I'm calling the year-old feature a mere "partial download of assets", since it doesn't reduce the size  of the app all it could, and frequently causes distress and frustration. If you need to save some storage space in your device, be prepared. So I ask, kindly: FM/EA, please fix it.

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