Different versions madness

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Different versions madness

I'm starting this post because I feel bad about the direction this game is going lately.

First of all: the version number should be always the same between iOS and Android. having different version names on different devices, makes only confusion.
Actually, it seems that the last iOS version 1.4.5 is faster than last Android version, 1.4.8
How can we compete with each other if we have different physics and different leaderboard?
This does not make any sense to me.

Second: the continuos reset of the leaderboard is discouraging players. I can't remember another game that resets its leaderboard so frequently. The game is out since 6 months or so and there are 6 different leaderboard already.
This is nonsense. Again.

You devs should focus on adding weekly challenges or tournaments, and not only on changing physics (more grip or less grip whatever... actually the game physic is good, there are more urgent issues to solve)

Just my 2c here, any comment is welcome 

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