Custom Livery Competition 2016 #9 Submission

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Custom Livery Competition 2016 #9 Submission

CLC #9 is now OPEN for Submissions.

PLEASE NOTE: The format of the Custom Livery Competition has changed slightly.  Instead of being 12 monthly challenges, it will now be a total of 12 challenges that will run until there are enough entries to hold a winners poll, or when the consensus is to close the submissions*.

*The Official Rules thread is yet to be updated with this information.

Full Rules and Information are available on the Official 2016 CLC thread HERE.

1. The competition is open to everyone
2. You must do a completely new customization for this contest.  No grabbing screenshots of ones you've already done.
3. The car you choose to customize is entirely up to you.
4. Only one entry per member.  If you post an entry, then change your mind or modify your design, you may post again.  The latest entry for each participant will be considered as your entry, unless you tell us otherwise.
5. Images of entered car liveries must not exceed the allowed 50 layer limit (You cannot use 50 layers for one image, then remove those layers to design other parts of the car for another submitted image)

Theme for Comp #9: Yes Monty, It's a Python !

Themes are deliberately cryptic and open to interpretation.  We want to see how a theme can be interpreted and designed by each person.  We are aiming for variety and creativity.


Please post your submissions in this thread.

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