AR - Back to the Basics

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AR - Back to the Basics

This thread is meant to be a brief tutorial for all new players just getting started. A member of this forum recently contacted me via PM and asked for some help in navigating AR's menus. Rather than just respond to his PM, I will go over some of the basics for all to read.

Here is the main menu (HOME screen):

From this menu, you can choose to drive a car that you already own. Simply press on the area that displays little white boxes, near the top right corner of your screen. You will be taken to this list, showing which cars you currently own. (A word of warning- if you do choose to sell any of your cars, all upgrades that you have bought for them will go with the car, so you would have to buy them again if you ever buy the car again!):

All other essential areas of the game are located in the menu bar along the left edge of your screen. The first icon (the checkered flag) is where you choose to either take a license test or enter a race:

The second icon is where you can purchase a new car. You cannot purchase the same car twice. The game won't let you so don't be afraid to give it a try.

The third is where you can buy upgrades for the currently selected car. The first icon in the submenu is where you can buy new wheels. The second is where you can change the color of either your car or your wheels, while the third icon is where you buy upgrades to improve the performance of your car:

The final gear icon is where you can set up your screen interface, change game settings such as game graphics speed and quality, speed unit of measure (mph/kph), game language and auto or manual transmission:

The final icon is where you can currently find the in-game leader boards for all 8 tracks, in both the unmodified and modified classes of races, driving any of the 13 cars available. That's 208 leader boards!

In the bottom right corner of your screen, the top icon is where you can watch ads to earn gold coins. The icon below is where you can show your support for the game by making In App Purchases. If you enjoy playing the game, I recommend buying the Credit Doubler. It is only a few dollars (in USD) and it will increase your credits earned per race much quicker, allowing you to buy cars and upgrades faster.

Would any of our experienced players like to take over with a brief overview of the tuning screens?

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