Losing Your (Driving) Virginity!

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Losing Your (Driving) Virginity!

Note by Veyron:  This post was moved here from the "Most Hated Tracks" thread.  It was kretch who suggested we create this thread, so he was made the author so he can earn the reps he deserves.  The title was my idea, not his, so if anyone is offended by it, please let me know.

When I was 13 ( 1964 ) and already 5 foot 8 inches my family and I were visiting friends at their country cottage  for a week. The oldest son ( 19 years old ) had a 1963 Volkswagen Kharman Ghia. One day we had to go get some groceries so he and I went but he decided to take the car and thrash it around the back roads before getting to our destination. He was a great driver ( still is today at 71 ) and made that car whine. Suddenly he stopped and told me I could drive. I was scared a bit because it was a manual transmission but he said he would tell me what to do. So we changed seats and I pressed the clutch in, put the car in first gear, pressed the gas, let out the clutch and a way we went. He told me exactly what to do. Of course I stalled the car a few times but eventually I understood and I drove the car to the small store we were going to. That was my first experience with a manual and I still drive a manual today ( I hate automatics ). That was not my first experience driving though. When I was 12 my fathers brother came to visit us from Chicago. He owned a 1957 Chrysler 300 C ( Hemi engine ). He wanted to visit a small ski hill near Montreal ( Mt.Tremblant ) so he took us on a 160 km trip. In those days we didn't have the highways we have today and he decided to take a long route where he could speed, and that car could really go. To make a long story short ( sorry guys this brings back memories ), at our destination my uncle let me try and drive this big car in a large parking lot at the ski hill ( it was summer so no other cars or people ). He was beside me and turned the wheel a few times but I got the hang of it and mostly drove in circles. So that was my first driving experience in a real car. Hmmm! Maybe we should start a thread on our first experiences driving!

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