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Members' Garages Suggestions

So, I was going through some features of the site I'd never really played with and found Members' Garages and thought I'd give it a go. I really like the concept, though I think a couple of things could be optimised, if it's on Mod-Veryon's agenda or anyone else that has access to the design features. I could've written a PM but thought maybe others could dispute my ideas if they didn't think them to be good, or correct anything I think is missing but isn't. Furthermore, someone else might have better ideas, too.

  1. Adding cars: although once it's done, it's done, I would've liked a way to add my whole garage at once, rather than one car at a time.
  2. Adding cars (2): having the option to import max stats is great as a time-saver (though I noticed imperial values for top speed may be a calculation from metric values rather than what is displayed on screen and stopping distance doesn't display a decimal point if the value is an integer), but who has more than a fraction of the total cars fully-upgraded? Base stats and Max PR with R$ stats would've been bigger time-savers
  3. Amount paid (for cars): Good idea, as most people won't pay full-price and it's nice to see how one progressed in comparison to the actual cost of cars, but I feel like a trick has been missed by not having a cell including the total at the bottom, perhaps comparing with the toal cost of the cars at full-price.
  4. Amount paid (for cars - 2): Furthermore, to facilitate the task of inputting that info, it might be good to divide entering the data into two or three variables. The first as the price of the car, displayed when choosing the car. The second could be the discount (either as a list or a value to enter, as sometimes GiN prices aren't discounts such as 20, 25, 30, etc %) and maybe a value to enter as to the reason of the discount (full price, showcase discount, sale, special event prize, ...), then have it as a calculation to display the amount paid
  5. Adding Class and Drivetrain Layout as options: the filter system already allows to sort specifc groups of cars in one garage and the table might not allow for more columns, but it would be cool to see how they compare etc (not too bothered by that one)
  6. Finally, what I think could be the biggest improvement, that I'll split up in different points, a sort of wishlist system:
  • Being able to add "future" cars (cars not yet acquired but planned to be) to the garage, with their expected cost, easily distinctable from acquired cars (maybe a faint red background fill or something similar)
  • "Future" upgrades on acquired cars: if a user knows they'll have to fully-upgrade the Enzo, for example, being able to have the current upgrades alongside future upgrades, along with their cost, would be a nice feature.
  • Furthermore, a similar concept to the total for amount paid: totalling future cost of cars and upgrades, that one could then compare to their current Gold reserves.

If it sounds critical, apologies, as that's not how I meant it to come across. I believe it's a good feature, with plenty of positives that I didn't list and would be nice to see it develop further :)

If there's no time for it, or no "need" for it, then no worries.

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