New players? Some tips for fast progress

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New players? Some tips for fast progress

As new players emerges all the times, and old players as myself sometimes starting from scratch here are some tips how to progress deeper in game faster way.Today it is easier to make progress, when you look backwards 1 or 2 years because rewards is higher then before..

On start, buy FORD RS and complete RACING SCHOOL BASIC.Try to full upgrade that Ford..Finish that school offline.
When you are finished, go straight to PURE STOCK CHALLANGE and play it ONLINE to collect bonus RS and fame.Play it untill NASCAR ACADEMY opens.Go there in NASCAR and buy CHEVROLET SS.When you waiting for delivery for that car, play Pure stock challange as far you can go..DO NOT buy anything else..When Chevrolete is delivered try to upgrade it to full and start to play NASCAR TALEN TOUR...There are excellent amount of fame and RS and dont buy anything...You will get 1.000.000 RS there after finish half of event and just collect fame and rs and play that series as much you can.In todays game, you can unlock groups rising your drive level.
Play those in combination .When you collect at least 200.000 RS go to Amateur,RACING SCHOOL ADVANCED..finish it and win that BMW Z4 SDRIVE...upgrade it to full and go to STREET SPEC SKIRMISH event..finish all events,keep your rs and gc,and when opens PRO/AM group go there and in V8 NATURALS buy that LEXUS LSF.when you waiting for delivery,play events from Amateur and NASCAR not spend gold on delivering..just collect rs and gc and you should have by now about 400-500 gc.DO NOT BUY CARS for gc yet ! You don't need to finish all events to 100% , 75% is just fine !
Later you can finish them all gained more gc finished them.
Upgrade that Lexus to full and keep on going with it.Do not go back because you get more rs and gold here !
After, if you can, buy that SHELBY 66COBRA 427 for 160 gold because it repeats in future events and groups and you should need it.
On drive level 30 opens PRO GROUP, go in PRO/AM SUPERCAR GROUP there and buy for rs NISSAN GTR-PREMIUM.While you waiting for delivery keep on playing previous unfinished races,same time you buy with rs upgrades for it, but always try to drive that NASCAR when you can.You need now to reach drive level 45 where opens EXPERT GROUP.Open ACCOLADE OPEN and buy best car you can and upgrade it in same time.
Focus on that Accolade because it gives you the best fame and rs value yet !
Do not buy cars for gold yet ! keep your gold as much you can ! Of course drive all gauntlets game offers to you.
Don't forget that in NASCAR TALENT TOUR 9 laps of Dayrona Speedway, race 17.3 gives you 2500 fame without agent and 18.000RS.

That will be enough for proper game start, and further readings and values are avaluable here as well as on RR3 Wiki page here

NOTICE 1 - thanks to Gio for noticing it.

I had questions like "why skipping other cars and discounts?"

Well, the most suitable answer would be to buy only fastest car in some group as you can ,and finish much events with it as you could...and skipping FMs "discounts" is smart move to gain earned gold and R$ for faster car(s) because faster car=faster progress..So, discount of 20% of R$ or GC is not real discount because you would be save 10.000-20.000R$  but you will spent 100.000 or 300.000R$ for car you could run once or twice.Those "discounts" are just Monkeys ways to "force" you to spend your savings.
Later, as you progress deeper in game, there will be more earnings and then ,actually, is right time to go to shopping.Then you can affort what you want more.
But on early start, keep minimum required as you would look like hard job, but on long distances very thankfull.


Run all gauntlet and new car offers as you can. DO NOT miss to earn newiest car offered in Gauntlets or events.


IN CURRENT CORVETTE LIMITED TIME SERIES ON TRACK 15.1 LEMANS CUP 3 LAPS YOU GET WITH AGENT 30.000 FAME..About 10.000 fame per lap for about 9 minutes of race ! Limited time race remains for 5 days so use advantage of  it !


Consider to run Team Challanges alone or with most 3 members....rewards are great on that way rather then run in full teams !

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