Starting grid glitch in OLMP tournament

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Starting grid glitch in OLMP tournament

This has no doubt been posted before, but because it can be such a hugely advantageous tactic I'll post it again. About 10 percent of the time on the online multiplayer tournament, if you let the game run its pre race view of the starting grid, you are started after the race has gone off. So you will be in last place and as much as 15 seconds behind everyone else. This would be a disadvantage, except the time difference is corrected at the end of the race. (Most of the time ) This can be a great advantage if you are running a track that tends to have racers bunched up in the first corner. You don't have to worry about a bunch of idiots or trolls trying to play bumper cars in the first corner,and you basically are just racing the clock. It can on the other hand be a disadvantage if you are only started a second or two late and are then guaranteed to a position that puts you behind those same idiots and trolls and have to work around them .

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