Suggestions/Feedback for Team Tournaments feature

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Suggestions/Feedback for Team Tournaments feature

Very good, Veyron, it looks like it's beginning to take shape. I was happily surprised at all the new team recruitments. :)

Ok,  now for some stress! 

Q1. What happens if a member of a RR3 only team is recruited into a MRR only team and later, the RR3 only team manager switches to include both RR3/MRR? That member can't possibly be part of two teams; do we get an error or does the forum blow up. I don't want to try for fear of nuking the feature. 

Q2. Well, more of a suggestion. Could it be possible to have the CLC points go towards the overall team rankings. I remember an idea flitted around about joint CLC projects between like-minded members. This could go someway to reach the same goal and perhaps stimulate more CLC participation. 

We could go even further and have beer consumption tallied up as well but it wouldn't be fair to others, I'm an alien in that respect. ;) 

Thanks for all you do for us! Viva MRR and beer swigging. ;) 

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