What makes a good Racing Team ?

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What makes a good Racing Team ?

This question and corresponding dilemmas are on a first place for team captains, then for team members.
There are a lot of racing teams (RT) involved in challanges but I am wonder from your point of view what are components to make a good racing team ? From my point of view, when I started and made "my" team , I was driven with thought that just to come together on one bunch people who can spend some free time and to use advantage of new game feature just for joy of riding and compete with others.Generaly, to be involved in game community more, and to have a team with soul and democratic aspect of "decisions by all".
So, I decided way to be only the forehand of execution of our team members will and decision.
I am aware that there are teams who doesn't have a "soul" and aimed only for winning, it is competition, overall.
But is our urge for winning more importaint then social inteam aspect ? I know that all of us wants to be winners, to be first, so is it worth to push racers and frustrates them, or just do casual leadership ? I am aware that there must be leading authority, but wonders where that authority starts and ends ,because some racers wants "stronger" leading and authority aspect, but some don't, of course, and from time to time I am worried because that my casual approach that other "19 stars" of my  team could see me as a captain that I am not interested for team, but that is far beyound the truth.I do care a lot.
So, to be short, how do you see your team from your point of view as a captain and or a member.

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