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Using iFunBox

I thought a tutorial on iFunBox might be helpful.  This was done on Windows, but hopefully, it's not too different on the Mac.

Update:  As of the release of iOS 8.3, members have reported that iFunBox is no longer able to access files on an iDevice, unless your device is jailbroken.

When iFunBox loads, you'll see a screen full of apps available for download and/or purchase, similar to what you see when you visit the App Store.  What you're interested in, though, is the "Managing App Data" tab at the top of the screen...

Just to the right of the above tabs is where it will show you the connection status of your device.  You must wait until it shows that it is connected before you select the above tab.


The first time you use iFunBox, you'll need to go to the "All My Apps" section and "Click to Show All"...


When you find RealRacing3 among all your installed apps, you can click the star in the upper-right corner to make it a favorite...


From then on, it will show in the "My Favorites" section at the top of the screen.


Click on the RealRacing3 icon and you will then be presented with an overlay window showing the folders/files for RealRacing3.  You don't need to navigate any further, because the Documents folder is already visible.


To create a backup (equivalent to a Cloud Save in RR3), first click on the Documents folder, then click "Copy To PC", and select where you want to save it...


As for restoring a backup, I've found this method to be easiest.  Others may do it differently, but this works best for me...

  • Important:  Force-close RR3 on your device.  The times I forgot to do this, some of the changes in my backup didn't appear when I went back into RR3.  I think it's a caching issue that is solved by forcing RR3 to do a fresh start.
  • Double click on the Documents folder in iFunBox to open it and show its contents.
  • Click "Copy From PC"...
  • That will open a dialog box (shown below) for you to select files on your computer.  Navigate to the folder where your backup was saved, then open the Documents folder (or whatever you renamed it to) so that you are seeing the same set of files shown above.
  • Now this is very important... make sure you select ALL files in that folder, then click "Open"...


That will copy those files into the appropriate folder on your device.  The times that I tried just selecting the Documents folder itself, I ended up with /Documents/Documents in the app.  That's why I do it this way.

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